Friday, May 31, 2013

Guided Ghost Investigations: The First Event

 Luke Busselle Guided Ghost Investigations 

We started setting up all of our equipment around 11:30 pm. During the setup we overcame numerous problems with the cables but we had it all set up and ready to go by 12:30 am, Not too shabby. After investigating a while we all ended up sitting near the stage and we started to hear some strange noises. Our guest investigator for the night brought a fluke camera to use. She caught a heat signature on one of the chairs that looked as if someone was sitting in the chair. On the back of the chair was a man's name. Later on that night we were rolling up and saw name on the front of the projector rooms door which ended up to be the same name that was on the chair. 

After a while we made our way into the basement. There we set up the ghost box and started asking questions. It wasn't long at all until we started getting answers. After playing with the ghost box for time we decided to head back upstairs to investigate some noises that we were hearing. We made our way around the theater investigating what we could. The paranormal activity that we experienced that night was amazing. All in all it was a great investigation. Everybody had some sort of an experience that night and we all learned a bit about overcoming some of the most notorious DVR problems during setup.

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